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A Faneuil Bar Made Entirely of Ice

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In about five seconds you’re going to say “Whoa.”

Or something very similar to “Whoa.”


We’re getting a bar made entirely of ice.

Told you.

Chatter your teeth in awe at Frost Ice Bar, the world’s largest permanent indoor ice bar opening in a few weeks in Faneuil Hall, taking reservations now.

Yes, it’s cold in here (21-ish degrees at all times). It has to be. Because, well, otherwise the place would melt and there’d be no hand-carved ice bar designed to look like a small-scale Zakim Bridge. And no floor-to-ceiling LED-lit chandeliers made from 375 two-pound ice crystals. And the ice couch would just be a puddle. And... you get the point.

Come here with a warm-blooded date in tow. As you enter, you’ll be presented with purple pullover parka-capes and some gloves. The former are so you don’t freeze to death. The latter are so you can hold the ice-encased cocktails. Both: kind of a big deal.

And don’t worry about this place getting old, because you’re only going to be inside for 15 minutes. Or just enough time to sip something frigid while sitting on a 6,000-pound mini glacier that’s shaped like a swan.

Wouldn’t be the first time.


Frost Ice Lost
1 Faneuil Hall Marketplace
(above American Eagle)
Boston, MA, 02109


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