Things to do for August 01, 2013

The Weekender

Your Weekend: Blue Crabs, Burgers and Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches

The weekend would never steal your limelight.

Good Stuff Burgers Land in Georgetown

Good Stuff Burgers Land in Georgetown

Progress marches on. Or, failing that, at least cheeseburgers. So when Good Stuff plants a new flag in Georgetown, you’re all too happy to lend some support. And if the egg-topped burgers don’t motivate you, well, that’s what the red velvet milkshakes are for.

A Breakfast Sandwich Like No Other

A Breakfast Sandwich Like No Other

Now here for your lunch and brunch pleasure at the Pig: a breakfast sandwich with fried headcheese, salsa verde and a scrambled egg. And, oh yeah, a cheese-and-brain mixture. So maybe not what you want to try to cure your hangover queasiness.

Available now at The Pig, 1320 14th St NW, 202-290-2821

A Stadium Full of Blue Crabs

A Stadium Full of Blue Crabs

Time to get reacquainted with football stadiums. Especially when they’re full of crabs. This annual affair in Annapolis—supposedly the biggest crab fest anywhere—is all you can eat and drink for three hours. Then: time to make friends and crash someone’s houseboat.

14th and U’s Annual Sidewalk Sale

14th and U’s Annual Sidewalk Sale

Fourteenth and U normally only spills onto the sidewalk after last call, but this weekend, it’s because everyone’s selling stuff. Like deals at Som Records, $1 oysters outside Pearl Dive, donut ice cream sandwiches at Cork and Studio Theatre’s annual prop sale. In case you want King Lear’s crown.

Pabu’s Karate Kid/Cobra Kai Party

Pabu’s <i>Karate Kid</i>/Cobra Kai Party

You’re probably not from Reseda or from the hills, but anyway, here’s a Macchio-worthy ’80s party at the pan-Asian Pabu in the Four Seasons Baltimore. On the menu: the chefs’ takes on ’80s favorites like wine coolers, Stouffer’s frozen meals and Twinkies. Costumes encouraged. So yeah, dress as a shower.

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