Burke & Wills

Where There’s a Wills...

An Australian Joint on the UWS

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For too long, the marsupials’ reign of terror on Earth has prevailed.

And damn it, it’s time to fight back.

One kangaroo burger at a time...

At Burke & Wills, a small but mighty UWS corridor of Australian fare with a wonderfully ginormous skylight, now open.

You’ll pull this place out of your back pocket when some beguiling stranger coyly asks, “You know somewhere we could maybe get some dinner on the Upper West Side?” A laid-back spot from the Hawker Bar folks where scallop crudo and rhubarb gimlets exist in perfect harmony with your desire to consume them.

Simple setup here: raw-wood bar up front—chicken-wired DJ booth for imminent uptown party brunching, a few lantern-lit highboys, backlit wood-beam ceilings. In short: cocktail country. Beyond that, though, the dining room (and a separate upstairs cocktail joint coming in September)—lined in gray leather banquettes and sporting a skylight covering the entirety of the ceiling. (If stars existed here, they’d be fierce in this room.)

It’s here where you realize there’s a kangaroo burger on the menu, and that one of you needs to order it.

Go ahead and take that hit.

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