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Lobster and Pints in the Buckminster

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Picture yourself at a Sox game.

Now picture yourself leaving a Sox game, walking across the turnpike and eating lobster sliders in an old hotel.

Congratulations, that happens tonight.

And it happens at Fenmore American Bistro, your new temple of postgame pint tippling and rampant chowder consumption, now open in the Hotel Buckminster.

It’s casual here. Beery. Sporty. The hotel itself even has its own place in Sox legend. It’s where Joseph “Sport” Sullivan fixed the 1919 World Series. We’re not sure what that piece of information has to do with you eating clam chowder, but it’s there if you need it.

But yeah, Mariners. Tonight. 7:10pm. Go to it. Enjoy it. Pray that you’re not a dugout phone. Then, come here when the dust settles. Grab a corner booth or a seat at the bar. Take in the vintage prints of Sox players past lining the walls.

That’s when the Spicy Grilled Mojito Shrimp Skewers start showing up. That’s when frosty pints of local beers start materializing. And that’s when you do that thing where you get all relaxed and happy.

It’s the beer. It’s probably the beer that makes you do that.

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