Havana Good Time

A Legitimately Legal Cuban Vacation

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“Hey, let’s go to Cuba... legally.”

Now there’s a statement that hasn’t been made much here in about 50 years...

So you’re kind of due.

Do not adjust your passport for Abercrombie & Kent Cuba, a perfectly legal, perfectly mind-blowing 10-day journey to our closest tropical Communist neighbor, taking reservations now.

Sure, maybe you’ve visited Cuba before. On official state business. Or in 1962. But thanks to a few paperwork-savvy travel pros, you can now vacation there without biting your thumb at American foreign policy. Here’s what you need to know:

Technically, you’re here for an “educational exchange.”
It’s part of the government’s new People to People program. Included in your curriculum: touring cigar factories, getting private salsa-dancing lessons and playing a few innings with a local pro baseball team. (Consider it recess.)

Un-technically, you’re here for rum bars and home cooking.
So you’ll inspect a bunch of Buena Vista Social Club–type joints and family-run dining establishments to ensure their daiquiris and ropa vieja are up to par while you have some lively cross-cultural discussions. And probably some more drinks.

But at some point, you should sleep.
Steam-training across the island and visiting Hemingway’s old manse will take it out of you. But thankfully, they’re putting you up in five-star hotels.

Trust us, you don’t want to see a four-star Communist hotel.

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