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The Then and the Now of Dogpatch Saloon

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A lot can happen in 101 years.

Because, well, that’s a lot of years.

But for the sake of brevity (and not talking about powdered wigs or Quantum Leap), let’s just focus on the fact that the 83 Proof guys just reopened Dogpatch Saloon.

It closed a few months ago after 101 years in existence. It’s finally back again. And here’s a rundown of what was then and what is now:

Then: A dark, salty dive bar with a few tables and a stained-glass window above the door with a dog’s face on it.
Now: The original bar top remains. So does the dog face. Everything else: new. It’s got more seating. It’s got leather booths made from old church pews. It’s got a gas fireplace.

Then: A gallon jar of tiger-penis-infused brown whiskey on the back bar.
Now: A dozen specialty cocktails like the Whiskey Snap (bourbon, ginger liqueur, whiskey-barrel-aged bitters) and the Blackheart (Anchor Porter, bourbon, strawberry, maple syrup). So hard to find good tiger penis these days.

Then: A little kitchen that never got used.
Now: No kitchen at all. Because pointless kitchens are pretty pointless.

Then: Live jazz on Sundays.
Now: Live jazz on Sundays. In about a month or two.

Rome and all.

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