Things to do for July 25, 2013

The Weekender

ABC Cocina Does Brunch and Other Weekend Pursuits

Enjoy a frosty glass of ice-cold weekend.

UD - Tacos and Mezcal from the Hecho Guy

Tacos and Mezcal from the Hecho Guy

The man behind Hecho en Dumbo’s got a new taqueria. They prepare tacos al pastor on a spit. Slow-cook them while a pineapple’s juices drip down the meat to tenderize it. Then they ply you with a bar full of mezcals and mezcal cocktails. Then... you have impure thoughts.

UD - Best Made’s First Sale Ever

Best Made’s First Sale Ever

Best Made Co.: they make a hell of an axe. Plus handsome camping stools, perfect raglan T-shirts, hunting jackets, knives. You know, real urban essentials. And for the first time in Earth’s 3.5 billion years (and their four), they’re giving it to you for less than normal. Commence the parade.

Jul 25-26, noon-4pm, Best Made Co., 36 White St (between Broadway and Church), 646-478-7092

UD - The Last Stand of Max Fish

The Last Stand of Max Fish

You could consume some solid art here. Pool table: yes. Cheap beer: practically invented at this place. It’s Max Fish, and it’s moving to Williamsburg. But before that: one last exhibit. Including a neon sign reading “Satan is happy with your progress.” And indeed he is.

Through Aug 1, 5:30pm-4am, End of Days at Max Fish, 178 Ludlow St (between Stanton and Houston), 212-529-3959

UD - ABC Cocina, Now Brunching

ABC Cocina, Now Brunching

When Jean-Georges goes to the trouble of inventing you coconut pancakes with fresh berries, you probably ought to go eat them. Which is why you’ll go hit up the new brunch at ABC Cocina. Because... you know, it’s got those.

Sat-Sun, 11am-3pm, ABC Cocina, 38 E 19th St (between Park and Broadway), 212-677-2233

UD - Marc Forgione and Spare Ribs

Marc Forgione and Spare Ribs

Laotian food has got to be in... what, your top 50 ethnic foods? Easily. And it may climb a few rungs now that Marc Forgione and his longtime executive chef are tackling it. We’re talking lemongrass-rubbed spare ribs, duck rice and herb-spiced cognacs. So yeah, maybe get out to Laos.

Opens Jul 29, Khe-Yo, 157 Duane St (at W Broadway), 212-587-1089

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