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Chicken-Stuffed Muffins. Delivered.

None Your morning muffin.

It’s been serviceable, if not spectacular, for many years.

But maybe it’s time to spice it up. With some fried chicken. And mac and cheese. Stuffed into it. Yeah, go with us here...

Meet Xtra Good Corn Muffins, an outfit that delivers muffins filled with all kinds of Southern foods, taking orders now for Friday deliveries.

The woman behind this much-needed service relies on her Alabama-born great-grandmother’s corn muffin recipe. She would scoop out the center of her muffins and plop in things like jerk tilapia and red beans and rice. Everyone seemed to like it. Hence... this business.

So at some point today, you’ll need a little incentive to make it to Friday. Something like a corn muffin packed with rice and chicken that’s been sautéed in peaches and whiskey. You’ll hop on their Facebook page and order it. (You can also call or text.) Then you’ll go back to work and forget all about it.

Cut to Friday afternoon. You’re working hard. Your stomach is rumbling. You hear a doorbell. It’s your muffin. Also: hey, a kiwi lemonade and some sweet potato ice cream, which you also ordered.

Sorry to ruin the surprise.


Xtra Good Corn Muffins

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