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Meet the Inn at the Presidio’s New Addition

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You remember the Inn at the Presidio.

Opened last year.

Great fire pit. Great wine.

Great ability to morph itself into a Victorian-era inn where a bunch of old-timey Army guys used to sleep.

And where you’re about to sleep.

Or not and say you did.

Stand at ease for the Inn at the Presidio’s Funston House, an old Army officer’s family quarters turned new hotel annex for your general carousing pleasure, taking reservations now.

Historic. Quaint. Romantic. Intimate. Those words represent a few ways you could choose to look at this place.

Under the radar. Mistress friendly. Don’t ask, don’t tell. Those words represent a few other ways you could choose to look at this place.

And while we’re not suggesting one over the other, let’s just say there’s plenty of multitasking potential here. So book one of the four rooms. The Queen Suite, perhaps. It’s got a fireplace, a separate living room area and a minibar.

It’s only 100 yards from the original inn, too. So you’ll have full access to the fire pit, wine-and-cheese hour and breakfast. You can also rent the whole place out for you and a group.

Here’s hoping the group doesn’t show.


Funston House
at the Inn at the Presidio
42 Moraga Ave
(at Funston)
San Francisco, CA, 94129


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