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Fake Fighting. Fake Shooting. Real You.

None Let’s measure you up against the unofficial Screen Actors Guild Movie Action Hero Requirements Handbook.

Jawline chiseled from stone: check. Catchphrase: check.

Ability to cartwheel through a steel mill explosion on camera: hmm, no check.


Channel your inner John McLane with The Action Movie Workshop, a three-hour plunge into the art of throwing fake haymakers and shooting fake guns on camera, taking reservations now for this Sunday.

Think of this as a cross between Inside the Actors Studio and “How to Van Damme 101.” Then, think about heading to the Armory. Notice the professional green-screen setup. You’ll learn how that works later. Then, notice the actors all around you. You’ll learn how to kick them in their faces later.

But first, a little tutelage under the watchful and probably really intimidating eye of a veteran actor-combatant. He’ll be the guy teaching you how to execute believable on-camera fisticuffs (first rule: don’t actually hit anyone). Later, you’ll use the Armory’s balconies and nooks as a backdrop for a choreographed shoot-’em-up using replica 9mm Berettas.

About a month after the class, you’ll be emailed a video reel with all the good, the bad and the ugly moments.

Yes, firing a fake gun backward will be considered ugly.


The Action Movie Workshop
at Arts at the Armory
191 Highland Ave
Somerville, MA, 02143

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