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UD - Let's Be Frank The humble hot dog…

Almost as if out of the blue, it's skyrocketed from lowbrow mystery meat to hipster haute cuisine. Which probably has you searching for the next temple of frankfurter goodness.

So without further delay, we bring you Let's Be Frank, your favorite local grass-fed beef hot dog cart's first sliver of a retro restaurant, opening Monday on the restaurant-lined strip of Steiner in the Marina.

Approaching the futuristic eight-seat eatery, you'll feel like you're actually entering a giant hot dog. The awning is rounded and wiener shaped, and every outside inch of the tiny space is decked out in some form of red or yellow.

Which makes it easy to find when you're looking for a quick bite between games on the weekend or quick midweek stopover. But walk inside and you'll notice a few refined touches: there are silver filament light fixtures and touches of wood and steel designed by starchitect Cass Calder Smith (of La Mar Cebicheria fame)—further proof of the dog's esteemed status.

The stools at the window-front counter will be your spot for a scenic meal of surprisingly guilt-free all-beef dogs, made from a recipe whipped up by a Chez Panisse alum. You'll like the "Hot" Dog, a spicy version of the classic Frank Dog, and we suggest adding the house-made Devil Sauce—and bacon for some crunch—then wash it all down with an Eel River IPA. 

Consider it surf and turf.


Let's Be Frank
3318 Steiner St
(at Chestnut)
San Francisco, CA, 94123

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