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Wynwood Social Club Opens

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When we last checked in with Wynwood, Joey's had opened, paving the way for a renaissance of the seedy gallery district.

And while we wouldn't call its latest addition—a club without its own bar—the pinnacle of nightlife, we do think it's something you'll definitely want to check out.

So say what's up to Wynwood Social Club, a new hang that feels like your grandmother's living room if she had a taste for thrift stores and pop art, now open.

Occupying the sectioned-off front of a massive warehouse, Wynwood Social Club is a multicolored rec room of bohemian fun: stepping inside, you'll notice a stage for live music surrounded by barbershop seats, vinyl couches and the kind of desk chairs you probably copied your Trig homework in. (Old-school.) Throw in some walls lined with local art, giant bookshelves holding Boggle and robots, and a few Tiki masks and chessboards, and you've got yourself a funky new playpen to hit up on the weekend.

Obviously, you'll want booze, and the good news is you're encouraged to bring your own. We recommend at the very least a flask of hard stuff to blend with their mixers (sold for $2), and at most a wide-mouth bottle of Jack and a couple of six-packs.

This Grandma likes to drink.


Wynwood Social Club
2501 NW. 2nd Ave
(at 25th)
Miami, FL, 33127


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