The Clevelander Hotel

Clevelander Rocks

The Clevelander Hotel Reopens

We love meeting new friends.

But sometimes there's nothing better than reuniting with a crazy pal you grew up with, after a long time apart.

Welcome back to The Clevelander Hotel, the hardest-partying lodge on South Beach, back from the dead and bringing a few new tricks (and gifts…see below) with it.

Think of the new Clevelander as the old Clevelander after a year of seasoning in Europe—more polished, a bit better-looking…but underneath, the same old Cleve (and that's a good thing).

Which means there are about a dozen different places for you to experience Spring Break every day of the year—namely: the notorious pool and patio (serving 120-ounce rum cocktails until 5am); a new sports bar packed with HD flat-screens; 1020 Music Boxx, your dance club with wall-to-wall windows; a sun deck (where you just might see a bikini); a rooftop terrace with waterfalls and panoramic ocean views…and, oh yeah, the hotel itself, revamped with huge suites and butlers.

Still crazy after all these years…


The Clevelander Hotel
1020 Ocean Dr
(between 10th and 11th)
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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