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A Martini-Heavy Lair of Drum and Bass

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You. Checking your email while grilling and hoisting flags and singing Neil Diamond and playing the flute and four-wheeling through a bog with a Thomas Jefferson impersonator in the sidecar.

While we have you, though...

We just thought you’d like to know you have Arc Nightclub & Lounge to look forward to when you get back. It’s half dive bar, half club, and it just opened in the old An Tua Nua space in Audubon Circle.

Add this to your local roster of dive-club hybrids. Because that’s... what it is. You’ve got red slat walls and salvaged furniture up front, purple walls and a DJ booth in the back, and a bunch of gin and beer everywhere in between.

Pull up a seat at the bar in the front lounge first. Start drinking a pint of High and Mighty and start eating a plate of fried oyster mushrooms. Eventually, you’ll want to graduate to a martini or a Negroni, though. Something simple. Something strong.

Because that back room. It’s calling. The leather and the purple walls and the rogue disco and the electronica are calling.

Never let us say “electronica” again.

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