Avant It That Way

A Road-Trip-Worthy Dinner near Hole 18

None If ever there were a time for a road trip, that time is now.

Oh, right, something about a holiday weekend.

We were actually thinking about you overlooking a golf course a couple hours away, catching the sunset over lamb, oyster shooters and copious amounts of wine on tap.

But, hey, what do we know.

Pack your sparklers for Avant, the gloriously sprawling new indoor-outdoor restaurant at the Rancho Bernardo Inn, now quietly open.

You’ll find this in the former home of El Bizcocho, the acclaimed restaurant that didn’t seem to know it was a little off-the-grid. It’s gone now, but don’t worry—they didn’t get rid of the golf course outside.

So here’s what you’ll do. Call up the Inn. Get a room, etc. It’s rustic and slower-paced and sunlit here. Then, when you’re ready, make your way to your table on the patio. It’ll soon be covered with all manner of truffle salami, soft-cooked duck eggs, lamb and maybe the 12-Vegetable Plate. There. Now you’re good on vegetables for a few days.

Which means you can focus on the half-dozen kegs of wine and the Sazeracs your meal requires, before you go play a few holes.

Or after. Yeah, after a few holes.


at Rancho Bernardo Inn
17550 Bernardo Oaks Dr
San Diego, CA, 92128

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