Bite the Bullet

Wearing Bullets and Razor Blades on Your Sleeve

UrbanDaddy - Miansai Male jewelry is a notoriously difficult nut to crack. A little too much leather here and flashy bling there, and you start to look like Mr. T on a job interview.

If only there was a jewelry maker out there that managed to straddle the line between ornamentation and ruggedness…

Introducing Miansai, your new home for handcrafted accessories fashioned from the most testosterone-fueled items on the planet.

Recently launched by a Miami-based antique dealer's son, think of Miansai as the jewelry John Rambo would casually throw on after polishing off a couple local law-enforcement agents and a wild boar. The line runs the gamut from rings to bracelets to rosaries, all crafted from salvaged pieces of male badass like .38mm bullets, silver and brass knuckles and gold-plated razor blades.

If you check out the site, you'll notice that each piece is made to look a bit vintage, as if it's something you might have picked up in a land-comb through Dresden circa 1946. The ribbon necklaces in particular evoke military glory, and feel more like wearing a pair of infantry dog tags than something you'd get at Tiffany's. Meanwhile, the razor blade cufflinks and necklaces will add a touch of R.P. McMurphy edginess to any ensemble.

We especially recommend them for your next business negotiation.


at Base
939 Lincoln Rd
(W. of Jefferson)
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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