Rain Threshold

5 Tools for a Rain-Proof Lifestyle

Rain. It’s coming. It’s not coming. It’s here. It’s gone. It’s... back again. The important part is, you’re not going to let it keep you from your summer-given right to a life of leisure. So here’s everything you need to withstand summer precipitation, expected or not. Nature’s for suckers.

UD - The Rain-Hating Shirt

The Rain-Hating Shirt

What: A totally unassuming, handsome shirt that water (and any other liquid, for that matter) just rolls right off of.
Why: Try standing in a rubber raincoat in 90-degree heat for 10 minutes. That’s why.

UD - An Ocean-Ready Watch

An Ocean-Ready Watch

What: A Swiss horological masterpiece that can handle being submerged in more than 350 feet of high seas.
Why: While everyone else awkwardly covers their phone, you’ll suavely check the wrist, hold that watch-admiring pose a few moments and give a wink.

UD - A Speaker That Nature Cannot Defeat

A Speaker That Nature Cannot Defeat

What: A wireless, shockproof powerhouse of sound that’ll work through more harsh climatological activity than a mailman.
Why: There’s no reason a few midday drops should interrupt your meticulously curated poolside playlist. And Yeezus isn’t going to play himself. (Okay, he might.)

Braven BRV-1, $135, available online

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UD - A Stone Game of Strategy

A Stone Game of Strategy

What: A chess set hand-carved out of soapstone by Kenyan artisans that’ll withstand rain for... most of geological time.
Why: You’ve always wanted to say, “My chess set was hand-carved out of soapstone by Kenyan artisans,” while doing your best Deep Blue in a storm.

UD - A Bar Cart by the Sea

A Bar Cart by the Sea

What: A rolling, mid-century-modern porcelain bar cart that holds up to both summer showers and saltwater.
Why: It’s a beach-proof, all-weather bar cart. Honestly, you should have three of these by now.

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