The Berkshire Room

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A Sexy New Lounge in the Acme Hotel

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If you love a parade, this is going to be one hell of a weekend.

If you love smoldering hotel cocktail dens filled with champagne, caviar and an ungodly amount of whiskey... same deal.

Behold: The Berkshire Room, an elegantly retro little nest, opening tomorrow in River North’s Acme Hotel.

After Friday’s parade, you may want a place to hit your reset button. A snug, hidden cove in which to chat someone up... then feed them caviar. A simple place. No televisions. No jerseys on the wall. No chocolate soufflés... oh, wait. There’s chocolate soufflés. You’ll just have to live with that.

Now lean back on a plush banquette amid walls made of old whiskey barrels. A DJ in a balcony sets the mood at an appropriate BPM. Order something high-concept like the gin-and-cucumber Clean Break that’s served in an antique medicine bottle. If you happen to want raspberry ice cubes—and since you’re not an animal, you do—they have them.

Then there’s the Dealer’s Choice. Pick your spirit (anything from aquavit to wheated bourbon), a flavor profile (fruity, spicy, smoky) and the type of glass (coupe, flute). The bartender does the rest.

Well, you’ll have to drink it.

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