Things to do for June 27, 2013

The Weekender

Backyards, Rooftop Pools and Alec Baldwin

True weekend lasts forever.

UD - A Private Distillery Tour in Brooklyn

A Private Distillery Tour in Brooklyn

You and a friend are getting a private tour and tasting at an artisanal distillery in Brooklyn—for $100. You’re also getting a bourbon-and-Americana dinner for two for $90, and either GA or VIP tickets to the James Beard Foundation’s summer blowout—at an elegant Hamptons vineyard. It’ll be legendary...

UD - A Behemoth of Steak and Drink in FiDi

A Behemoth of Steak and Drink in FiDi

You can’t just sit in any old place while eating a two-person tomahawk ribeye. You need, oh... three floors of hidden nooks, rolling banquettes and at least one stone cocktail cellar. Luckily, all that’s at this behemoth of a FiDi spot. You’re quite civilized.

Now open, Trading Post, 170 John St (near South), 646-370-3337

UD - Jeepney’s Got a Backyard Now

Jeepney’s Got a Backyard Now

There’s kind of a jungle behind Jeepney. Don’t be alarmed. They want you to eat there. Which is why they put in a large communal table and are plying you with promises of Manila clams, Filipino short rib with bone marrow and a queso-ice-cream shake. Cheese, meet shake. Shake, cheese.

Backyard now open, Jeepney, 201 1st Ave (between 12th and 13th), 212-533-4121

UD - Swim Trunks, Delivered.

Swim Trunks, Delivered.

Pop quiz, hotshot: it’s 637 degrees out, you find a nice rooftop body of water, but you’re trunkless. What now? Well, the gents of Faherty are hooking you up with gratis same-day delivery of their handsome boardshorts and trunks. Swim how you like, but by all means, swim.

Available online through Jul 3, Faherty Brand, enter “SAMEDAY” at checkout before 2pm

UD - Alec Baldwin’s Favorite Rock Photos

Alec Baldwin’s Favorite Rock Photos

If there’s one thing Jack Donaghy is good for, it’s... picking out a quality collection of iconic rock photography. Apparently. Because Alec Baldwin is curating this one-weekend-only exhibit of Mick, Keef, Bowie and Lennon snaps from Rock Paper Photo. Because he is God...

UD - Water Balloons. Squirt Guns. A Roof.

Water Balloons. Squirt Guns. A Roof.

As you may know, there’s a pool strewn with attractive humans atop the Gansevoort Park Avenue. As you may not know, that pool is now a place where water balloons, squirt-gun fights and tequila popsicles are everywhere on Wednesdays. The day that makes the most sense for that.

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