To Each His Oon

Sake Cocktails and Pho on Randolph

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Some things in life are worth waiting for.

Love, maybe.

Death, certainly.

Foie gras in your pho... well, apparently.

Yes, people, the wait is over: Oon is opening Monday, finally extinguishing that exquisite yearning you had for some really tasty spring rolls in the West Loop.

You’ve seen this place with its paper in its window for months. It’s adjacent to Au Cheval. It’s across from Girl & the Goat. It’s... not really like them.

It’s more casual than its neighbors—bright and airy, and a little more subdued. If you’re looking for a predinner spot, it works just fine. Drift in for a spring roll while you’re waiting for your table somewhere nearby. Bide your time with sake or their version of a Paloma: Japanese-chili-infused tequila and grapefruit.

But here’s another just-as-likely scenario: you’re not going anywhere else. You’re happy right here. The spring rolls have five-spice-seasoned pork belly in them. The halibut is coated with toasted coconut. And hey, look, someone’s just put pho in front of you that has seared foie on top. Yes, foie pho.

Eat that five times fast.


802 W Randolph St
(at Halsted)
Chicago, IL, 60607


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