Things to do for April 09, 2009

The Weekender

The Whole Hog, Back to Montauk and Lobster Meatballs

The weekend is a seventh-inning stretch.

Half-Off Happy Hour at Bar Blanc Bistro

Half-Off Happy Hour at Bar Blanc Bistro

After a one-day closure, the whitewashed wonderland is reemerging with a new name (check the "bistro" on the end), a half-off happy hour for anyone slick enough to stop by in the first week and a new bar menu packed with greasy treats like Pancetta-Wrapped Sardines and something called The Blanc Burger. We'd use the half-off savings to burn through twice as many cocktails.

Now through Apr 15, 6-8pm, 142 W. 10th St (W. of Greenwich), 212-255-2330

Paul Stuart Sample Sale

Paul Stuart Sample Sale

The Old New York clothier is offering 50-70 percent off classic suiting, oxford shirts and fabrics by the yard if you happen to have a tailor on deck…or just an insatiable lust for tweed.

Apr 13-16, Soiffer Haskin, 317 W. 33rd St (W. of 8th Ave), 718-747-1656

Hill Country's Whole Pig Roast

Hill Country's Whole Pig Roast

The Texas market-style barbecue pit is putting a 45-pound suckling pig (courtesy of meat master Pat LaFrieda) through their smokers every Tuesday and serving it up alongside their usual smorgasbord of brisket, mac and cheese and well-earned heart attacks.

Tuesdays, $22.50 per pound, 30 W. 26th St (E. of 6th Ave), 212-255-4544

Lobster Meatballs at Ed's Lobster Bar

Lobster Meatballs at Ed's Lobster Bar

You love lobsters. You love meatballs. But never in your wildest dreams did you think of co-mingling the two delicacies. Luckily, the folks at Ed's Lobster Bar are of more imaginative stock, swapping out the usual beef for the crustacean, stewing it in marinara and serving it all over linguini—which happens to be your third favorite thing.

Every Wednesday, Ed's, 222 Lafayette St (S. of Spring), 212-343-3236

The Surf Lodge Opens for Reservations

The Surf Lodge Opens for Reservations

Get your dialing finger ready. Montauk's slacker-luxe alternative to Hamptons scenery is taking resys starting this Wednesday, which means you'll have at least a week before it's booked…and another month or so to prepare for a weekend of beachbound movies, crowded hot tubs and the occasional disgruntled townie.

Online reservations will be available here on Apr 15, send early requests here

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