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EDITOR’S NOTE: This story was developed before the recent monsoons in India took a turn for the worse. Monsoons are a part of reality in that region of the world—a cause of terrible destruction, but also a source of life. The tour below takes place roughly 1,200 miles from the current monsoons, is run by locals and contributes to sustainable tourism and monsoon relief. Obviously, this might not be for everybody, but it’s an interesting experience in a beautiful part of the world—and that, after all, is the mission of UrbanDaddy Jetset.

The coldest place on earth: Antarctica.

The hottest place on earth: Death Valley.

The driest place on earth: the Atacama Desert.

You know that. But the rainiest place on earth... that would be this place.

Meet Monsoons in Meghalaya, an eight-day guided pilgrimage in India to the rainiest civilized place on earth during its rainiest season, taking reservations now.

This place: wet. Just really, really wet. Gets around 470 inches of rain each year. (That’s enough for about six LeBron Jameses.) And most of that rain: falls between now and September.

As you might imagine, shelter is key here. So you’ll stay in a mix of four-star hotels, treehouses and cliffside cottages, each ideal for staying dry during the storms.

And then, for a few glorious hours each day, the clouds will part. That’s when you’ll explore hidden waterfalls (they’re especially powerful this time of year), traverse tree bridges and just generally soak up that good post-rain feeling.

Otherwise known as “being outside.” 


Monsoons in Meghalaya
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