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Branzino and Greenway Views Downtown

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There’s an old saying that goes: “If you can move closer to the water, do it.”

And by old, we mean we just made it up.

But hey, Nebo gets it. The new Nebo, that is. That’s right, your North End go-to for Sicilian pies and hand-rolled pasta has just been gloriously resurrected on the waterfront, and it’s soft-open right now downtown.

Everything’s just bigger, more beautiful and more Italian here. There’s exposed brick. Original steel foundation beams. Stunning views of where the Greenway curves along the waterfront.

So grab a date. Or grab Kevin from accounting. Doesn’t matter. Just get yourselves to some window stools and start ordering flights of things. Prosecco Bellinis. Bourbon. Ask and receive. It’s that simple.

Then, when you’re damn good and ready, grab a table overlooking Atlantic Ave. Say, table 41. It’s a high-backed leather booth with prime views of the waterfront and the open kitchen. Which, coincidentally, is where you’ll find the owner’s mother hand-rolling pasta for you.

Like the squid ink pasta next to your branzino. She may have even had a hand in taking the gluten out of your bianco pie. It’s... kind of their thing.

You know how nonnas hate gluten.

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