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Pinball and Pork Belly Donuts in SoMa

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You love a good sequel.

The Empire Strikes Back. Despicable Me 2. Antonio Sabato Jr.

And now, this place...

Welcome to The Willows, the long-awaited sequel to the Sycamore in the form of a cocktail-heavy bar that may or may not involve pork belly donuts and questionably named board games (spoiler: it does), now open in SoMa.

Right. The Sycamore. You love that place. And this is from the same team. Only now, things have taken a significantly more childhood-rec-room-of-your-dreams slant—three pinball machines. Pool table. Jukebox. Old-school board games lying around everywhere.

The cocktail called F**k You, Grampa... significantly less childlike. But you should get one anyway. You should weave your way through all those wood panels and crimson walls, grab a seat at the communal table next to the bar and get one. It’s essentially an Old Fashioned. A potty-mouthed Old Fashioned.

They’ve got beer, too. Twelve rare taps like Unibroue’s La Fin du Monde. Pick whichever one brings out the subtle nuances of a pork belly donut with bourbon glaze.

But those pinball machines. They’re waiting. So is Big Buck Hunter. So is a board game called Redneck Life, where the objective is to collect as many teeth as possible.



The Willows
1582 Folsom St
(at 12th)
San Francisco, CA, 94103


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