French Open

A Bi-Level French Wine Bar in FiDi

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So, hey... we need to talk.

We heard you were planning on taking a date down to a basement tonight.

But your basement selection. It’s all wrong.

It’s not French enough.

And there damn sure aren’t enough pommes frites being served out of wooden shoes.

Enter: Aquitaine, a Frenchified new bar, bistro and wine shop all rolled into a two-story date spot in FiDi. It’s open tonight. And yes, it’s got a pretty great basement.

You’ll find this joint in the former John Walker & Co. liquor store space. But now, it’s less of a liquor store and more of a little slice of southwestern France by way of pressed tin ceilings, chandeliers made from wine glasses and tables made from old wine barrels.

And since you wouldn’t want to let a perfectly good brunette person go to waste, go ahead and claim one of those tables. Have someone unlock the cabinet where they keep the ’98 Château d’Yquem. Point at some rabbit rillettes on the menu.

Relax. Enjoy yourselves. Then look for the painting of a big sunflower and follow it to the basement. It’s dark. It’s got couches. It’s got champagne and wooden clogs full of fries.

All the best basements do.

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