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Swedish Knapsacks. Argentine Belts. This Place.

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Quick recap of last night:

Andersen’s ’hawk. LeBron’s headband. Miller’s one shoe. Win.

The message here...

Never underestimate accessories.

Firm believers in that power: Respice, a tightly curated shop in South Miami with a hard-to-find assortment of random handsomeness, now open.

You look like one of those people who appreciate unique, aesthetically pleasing things from the far corners of the earth (fantastic nón lá, by the way). And if that’s true, you should remember this place. See, the owners here have a thing for the little guy. Independent designers. Small-batch producers. All making stuff that you’re not going to find anywhere else around town... or on that guy in your Win, Lose or Draw foursome.

Inside, it’s like walking into a sartorially inclined toolshed—think wall-mounted coatracks with thick iron hooks, Edison bulbs hanging from exposed pipes and a room-dominating wood table loaded with weekend essentials. Lightweight shades from a Turkish designer for the beach. Rugged Sandqvist knapsacks for an overnighter. Leather iPhone wallets designed in the UK.

Oh, and a collection of Argentine belts that double as both a camera strap and a tie.

Like a Swiss Army knife. For your pants.


5760 Sunset Dr
South Miami, FL, 33143


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