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A New Downtown Deal-Closery Cometh

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If Wall Street taught you one thing, it’s this:

Lunch is for wimps.

If Wall Street taught you two things, it’s this:

Lunch is for wimps. Unless candied spare ribs and exorbitant amounts of rye are involved.

Then, lunch is at Society on High, your new power-lunching spirit animal in the form of a slightly Frenchified, fully sexy bistro in the Financial District. It’s soft-open right now.

Picture Sorriso and Les Zygomates. Splendid. Well, the same team has just given you this place—barn wood floors. Eighteen-foot ceilings. Handmade copper-top tables surrounded by plush leather booths. It’s a real “sign on the dotted line” spot, this one.

Make a play for a seat at the marble bar first. Size each other up over Hemingway Daiquiris and New Bedford Style Fisherman Stew (the chef shops at the pier every morning). Great. Now then... time to graduate from small talk.

Time to settle into a booth for some cloak-and-dagger merger-speak. Or not. It wouldn’t kill you to just enjoy each other’s company, you know. Get lost in steak sandwiches and bourbon and each other (or... maybe just that other stuff).

Oh, and keep an eye out. They’ll be putting that huge patio out there to good use once the permits come in.

And so the power base-tan was born.

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