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It’s probably a little early to start thinking about the weekend.

Just kidding. It’s never too early to start thinking about the weekend.

So here’s something to focus on: Tre Soldi, a new pasta-and-porchetta hub, opening in Streeterville on Friday.

This is from the Coco Pazzo folks, long admired for their outstanding work in the fettuccini arts. Here, they’ve been inspired by the grandeur of Rome. The people. The art. The pizza.

It’s actually kind of the perfect place to unwind after a hard week. It’s basically a light Italian breeze captured in restaurant form: an open kitchen, tall ceilings, big picture windows perched over the Ohio Street bustle. In other words, your working lunches will now include more Negronis and crispy Roman-style pizza. Marcello Mastroianni himself could hardly object.

Now, for laid-back dinner with friends, you’ll find yourself twirling cacio e pepe, a simple butter-and-black-pepper-coated pasta, and discovering dishes like ricotta cheesecake and a twice-fried artichoke called carciofi all giudia—both of which hail from Rome’s ancient Jewish district. Or you could just come here for an after-work glass of wine and charcuterie at the bar.

First round of salami’s on you.


Tre Soldi
212 E Ohio St
(between St. Clair and Fairbanks)
Chicago, IL, 60611


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