Man of the Broth

Kobe Beef Ramen. Delivered. At 3am.

None We’ve got a secret.

Ready. Here goes...

There’s this guy. His name is the Jackal (actually, it’s Joe). And you’ll be damned if he hasn’t been running an underground ramen delivery service right under your nose. It’s true, though. And he’ll deliver whenever. Noon: sure. 3am: of course. It goes on like this. 

Anyway, it’s the Boston Ramen Noodle Company. It’s available now. And here’s what you need to know...

About this Joe guy. He’s... really good at ramen.
He teaches at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, which is presumably where he perfected the secret three-step process behind his pork broth. It involves simmering for 18 hours. It also involves being delicious.

It’s limited delivery. For now.
But as long as you’re somewhere in Fenway, the South End or the Back Bay, you’re currently within striking distance of Chinese five-spice pork, Kobe beef and butter-poached lobster ramen. And if you’re not, hang tight. He’s expanding his territory soon.

Seriously, though... this guy must not sleep.
Because if you give him a bit of notice, he’ll pencil you in anytime, day or night. He’ll even come inside and set up some place settings for you.

Which you definitely care about at 3 in the morning.

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