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A Boardshorts Shop That Disappears Tonight

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Ah, summer flings.

The hot-and-fast burn. The half-naked bodies. The feeling that they’re over before they even begin.

Obviously, we’re talking about a swimwear shop.

Specifically, the Never-Ending Summer Tour, a nomadic pop-up shop from Faherty Brand involving you, 90-degree weather and a mini beach house on wheels full of natty boardshorts, happening now at the Westside Provisions District and disappearing forever at 7pm tonight.

This is the work of twin brothers who decided to pack up the wares of their NYC shop and hit the road for the summer. And now they’re here. In a trailer that looks like Don Ho’s summer beach shack. That’s parked in front of Billy Reid.

Inside: a couple of surfboards, a few bikinis and an entire summer’s worth of the finest boardshort specimens known to man (close enough, anyway). Floral ones. Red-white-and-blue ones. Slightly faded turquoise ones.

It’s the stuff that sand-castle-building dreams are made of. We’ll also accept “doing something other than building sand castles.” Like swimming. Or going to a Fourth of July bonfire at Lake Lanier. Or Lake Huron.

But probably Lanier, since it’s way closer.


Never-Ending Summer Tour
at Westside Provisions District
1100-1210 Howell Mill Rd
Atlanta, GA, 30318


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