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Pizza, Gin and a Movie in Chestnut Hill

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Crazy day so far.

Let’s see, you woke up this morning. Ate some Chex. Read the words “Boston Tea-bow Party” and lost your appetite for Chex.

Sounds like someone could use the calming effects of pizza and gin.



At Davio’s Cucina, a dark and shiny new respite for wood-fired pizza and spring rolls that happens to be attached to a movie theater (which reminds us... it happens to be attached to a movie theater), opening tonight at the Street in Chestnut Hill.

So picture a few hours from now. You’re famished. You require meatballs. You... should really consider heading to this place, bypassing the ticket counter for now and taking the escalator up.

Before you: a 250-seat, casual-ized version of the posh Back Bay steakhouse. Find something leathery to sit on. Make some hand-rolled gnocchi happen. Make a pizza from the wood-fired oven happen (they’ll let you create your own). And then, when it’s time, grab that ticket and head across the hall.

You’re in that movie theater now. There’s a Davio’s server attending to your every need. Cocktails like the Forbidden Florence with gin, Campari and grapefruit juice. Philly cheesesteak spring rolls. Will Smith. They’re all there for you.

This could be trouble for popcorn.


Davio’s Cucina
55 Boylston St
Chestnut Hill, MA, 02467


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