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A Bavarian Biergarten Right on the Water

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You remember Opposite Day, right?


Oktoberfest is not coming soon.

It’s not something you can celebrate every day for no reason.

And it’s definitely not coming in the form of a shiny new waterfront restaurant and biergarten called Brotzeit Lokal that opens Thursday in Oakland.

So forget we even mentioned it and go play some tetherball or something.

That was fun. But yeah, a Bavarian-themed suds factory with beer-bottle light fixtures, authentic 1950s biergarten tables and a big outdoor patio overlooking the estuary, Coast Guard Island and the Alameda Yacht Club. It’s all about to happen in real life.

The summer phenomenon known as “day drinking.” That’s what you’re going to end up doing here. Something about the gentle breeze, salty air and 16 tap handles that, when pulled, produce things like Schönramer Saphir Bock, Zwick’l Kellerbier and Veltins Pilsener. Rare beers. German beers.

Beers that require sausages and schnitzel and spaetzle made in-house by a chef who spent two years plying his trade in a Berlin kitchen. And since you’re not one to deny beers their basic requirements...

Anyway, new biergarten.


Brotzeit Lokal
1000 Embarcadero
Oakland, CA, 94606


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