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Whiskey and Stacked Pizza in the West Loop

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You look pretty busy, so we’ll make this quick.

Short version: tonight. The West Loop. Whiskey flights. Double-decker pizza. Oxtail french fries.

Now here’s the slightly longer version: Old Fifth, a handsome, wood-planked, scotch-fueled, gastro-minded adventureland, opens tonight. Perhaps you should be there.

This is absolutely the kind of place where you can watch the Blackhawks tomorrow—there are a couple of 80-inch televisions behind the bar. But it’s also a place that absolutely takes whiskey seriously: there are 140 kinds right now, including a 30-year-scotch flight—kind of a hat trick of whiskey.

It’s basically somewhere you can go after work with a big group of friends, when you just want a simple thin-crust pizza or a not-so-simple double-decker pepperoni version. Easy enough. But then again...

The opening menu, overseen by a former Tru veteran, does have a tendency to veer into overdrive: sliders that are half Tallgrass beef and half bacon; Brazilian Nachos smothered in slow-roasted pork shoulder; hummus made with hefeweizen; fries topped with white cheddar and oxtail. In other words, it’s all your Randolph Street haute cuisine in sports-bar-menu form.

Plus, when they get their bearings, you’ll find additional items like housemade brie-and-bacon-stuffed Adult Tots.

Which kind of sounds like a fetish.


Old Fifth
1027 W Madison St
(at Carpenter)
Chicago, IL, 60607


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