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Whiskey Planks and Americana in the TL

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Sounds like a great bar. The only thing that’s missing is a wooden plank with four shots of whiskey on it.

Yep, not missing anymore...

Welcome to Redford, a whiskey-soaked homage to all things America, opening tomorrow on Geary.

Formerly the swank club you knew and loved under the name Ambassador, this is now the type of place where Andrew Carnegie and his fellow robber barons would’ve hung out circa 1900. So essentially, it epitomizes the titans of industry in bar form—exposed brick everywhere. Marquee lights hung from the ceiling by old chains. Rivers of bourbon.

Moving on...

Happy hour. That’s when you’ll want to harness this place’s powers. Step inside and survey your territory. Those are bourbon deviled eggs you’re smelling. That’s a vintage 48-star American flag you’re seeing. And yes, that’s a big, beautiful bar you just glided over to without even knowing it.

Blame it on the Sazeracs. Blame it on the six whiskey-and-wine pairings on the cocktail list. Blame it on that whiskey plank with four rotating shots on it. Doesn’t matter who or what you blame, just get in there and start acting like you’re proud to be an American.

Civic duties just got way better.

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