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The Best Bottomless Brunches in the City

Lately we've been pondering the wonders of the Bloody Mary and the glorious weekend meal establishments around town that understand that the spicy red cocktail is the star of the show. Here, for your records, a list of our favorite bottomless boozy brunches…

UrbanDaddy - The British Bloody Mary at Double Crown

The British Bloody Mary at Double Crown

If you're craving a little Worcestershire and tomato—or better yet, a trunkful of Worcestershire and tomato—just swagger in to the post-colonial Bowery stop for a never-ending Bloody Mary bar. (Unfortunately they're Brits, so you'll have to smuggle in your own Tabasco.)

$32 prix fixe, 11am-3:30pm Sat-Sun, 316 Bowery St, 212-254-0350, menu here

UrbanDaddy - The Latin Bloody Mary at Yerba Buena

The Latin Bloody Mary at Yerba Buena

Sometimes you need more zest than the average blender fodder can deliver, but we're guessing jalapeño Bloody Marys, salsafied Eggs Benedict and a Cuban sandwich or two will do the trick. And if it gets too spicy… the next Bellini is never too far away.

$12, unlimited drinks, Sat-Sun, 23 Ave A (at 2nd St), 212-529-2919, menu here

UrbanDaddy - Unlimited Champagne Cocktails at Paradou

Unlimited Champagne Cocktails at Paradou

If al fresco cobblestones are more your speed, this tiny Provencal spot sweetens the endless Kir Royales with an endless parade of boutique-bound models passing by. Think of it as brunch with a view.

$29 prix fixe, Sat-Sun, 8 Little W. 12th St, 212-463-8345, menu here

UrbanDaddy - Endless Mimosas at Patois

Endless Mimosas at Patois

This newly opened Little Italy French bistro has an endless line of mimosas slated for the weekend—along with entrees like the Duck Confit Club Sandwich—for a princely sum of $13 (yes, for food and booze). And they say 13 is unlucky.

$13 prix fixe with unlimited mimosas, Sat-Sun, 177 Mulberry St, 212-925-8157

UrbanDaddy - Greyhounds and Foster's at Bondi Road

Greyhounds and Foster's at Bondi Road

The LES's favorite Aussie dive blurs the line between prix fixe and drink special with an $18 bar pass, entitling you to an endless pour of Greyhounds and Foster's, along with whatever they happen to have in the kitchen.

$18 prix fixe, Sat-Sun, 153 Rivington St (E. of Suffolk), 212-253-5311

UrbanDaddy - The Passion Fruit Mimosa at Braai

The Passion Fruit Mimosa at Braai

The Hell's Kitchen barbecuer ditches OJ in favor of passion fruit for a tastier version of the brunch staple, served alongside South African treats like Bush Scones in a bamboo-ceilinged paradise. We always said a little passion can work wonders.

Unlimited mimosas with brunch item, Sun only, 329 W. 51st, 212-315-3315, menu here

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