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A wd~50 Vet’s New Ice Cream Joint

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The sun.

For far too long, it’s had a cushy spot atop your “favorite parts of summer” list.

Not that it’s not great and all—gives life, creates a social milieu in which shorts are acceptable, etc.

Just... this might be better.

Welcome to OddFellows Ice Cream Co., a humble Williamsburg parlor of next-level ice cream from a wd~50 vet, opening tomorrow.

Little history lesson: Sam Mason, a co-owner here, and the guy making the goods, is also behind Empire Mayonnaise (he’s a cream whisperer). He used to be a pastry chef at wd~50, where the husband-and-wife team that also co-owns OddFellows were regulars. Friendships: ensued. Ice creams: tasted. Yadda, yadda, yadda, here’s a whole shrine to Sam’s wild ice creams and sorbets.

You’re coming here to spite the heat and invigorate your taste buds. You’ll encounter a soda fountain to your left (where they’ll soon have housemade sodas, floats and egg creams) and the ice cream case perpendicular to that. There’s a painting of Jesus holding a cone (just in case you’re wondering what he’d do here).

Now for the flavor rundown: chorizo-caramel (go for it), cornbread, burnt marshmallow, smoked vanilla and... it goes on like that. There’s 11 made-from-scratch varieties right now, and more to come.

Yeah, this won’t be popular at all.


OddFellows Ice Cream Co.
175 Kent Ave
(between N 3rd and N 4th)
Brooklyn, NY, 11249


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