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A Hidden Social Club Next to Lucali

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Hey, you.

Yeah, we’re talking to you.

Come here. A bit closer.

Wow, too close—take a step back.

There. Perfect.

See, we have a secret. It concerns an old warehouse. Wine. And your next round of Connect Four...

Raise your glass to the 1930 Social Club, a discreet den of gaming and vintage vinos from the Lucali guys, soft-opening next Thursday in Sunset Harbour.

The whole scene here is a throwback to the old social clubs of Brooklyn. A concrete bunker of exposed brick, red-checked linoleum and rustic wooden tables. Also: a bar. It’s made from the tin roof of the original Lucali in NYC. Apparently, tin knows a thing or two about supporting a frosty pint. And hey, so do you.

Now, getting in here isn’t readily obvious. You’ll want to look for an unmarked black barn door inside of Lucali. Give it a solid push. Toss a wink to the blonde with the margherita pie and step inside. Immediately belly up to the bar and order a glass of Barbazzale or a pint of La Chouffe from one of their 10 taps...

Because then, it’s game time. Dominoes. Cards. Backgammon. It’s all going down here. And for now, you can order in a pie from Lucali’s while contemplating moves on the Connect Four grid.

Pizza focuses you in times of need.


1930 Social Club
at Lucali
1930 Bay Rd
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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