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Michael Mina’s Massive MGM Pub

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Here’s the thing about pubs.

They rarely come by way of guys named Michael Mina who have Michelin stars.

Just doesn’t happen much.

But every now and then...

Please meet Pub 1842, a massive wood-and-tile enclave to the sacred rites of eating heavy things while drinking hop-infused alcohol, opening June 18 at MGM Grand.

So you know Mr. Mina. He runs... Michael Mina. And this space used to be another of his restaurants. But that’s the past. You’re not interested in that. You’re interested in rows of Pullman booths where you and a few fellow desert weekend warriors will dutifully consume pints of lager and Korean-BBQ-salmon burgers (which, coincidentally, is what this is).

A set of fire-engine-red doors will signal that you’ve arrived. To your right, you’ll see some green leather banquettes in the sweet open air of the hotel walkway. Remember that. Just inside is a huge wooden bar with brass rails. That’s where the 40 different beers they’ve got come from. Remember that, too.

Now make your way to that banquette, take up some real estate and start ordering things like ribs and brisket. Afterward, tell them the following: “I want an apple upside-down cake and a cinnamon concrete. Simultaneously.” And they’ll say, “Yeah, all the cakes come with shakes.”

Touché, Michael Mina. Touché.

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