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It’s the first week of June.

Which explains the feelings of the office walls closing in on you, your short fuse with coworkers (see: the yogurt incident) and an insatiable desire to scoot up north and recharge for a weekend. 

Say, Lake Champlain. 

And here’s where you’ll stay: Hotel Vermont, Burlington’s brand-new, posh-yet-rustic spot overlooking the 20,000-year-old lake and the Adirondacks, now open.

As far as shimmering new boutique hotels go, this will pass your Vermont-iness test. The floors are poured concrete that use stones and shells dug out of Lake Champlain. The oak along the walls is all local. And that handsome flannel blanket wrapped in a leather belt at the end of your bed is courtesy of Vermont’s own Johnson Woolen Mills (fashioning it into a warrior kilt: your call).

On your to-do list: a sun-drenched jaunt aboard a zippy yacht (they’ll help you sort one out if you didn’t bring your own). Then, a trip to their wood-heavy restaurant aptly named Juniper, because you’ll find juniper in everything from their Vermont spiced rum libations to the Juniper Roasted Rabbit, served with a smoldering hunk of the coniferous plant for effect.

In fact, you’ll find juniper everywhere up here, especially on the uninhabited and reachable-only-by-swimming-up Juniper Island across the lake.

We’re guessing that’s where the gin unicorns run free.

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