Northern Grade

So On and So North

A Daylong Pop-Up Specializing in Handsome

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a body.


Related: here comes Northern Grade, a one-day-only pop-up marketplace wherein dozens of the country’s best designers will congregate for the sole purpose of putting remarkably natty things all over your body, happening Saturday at 111 Minna.

It’s pretty simple, really. Your body is your temple. And temples should look good. The couple behind Pierrepont Hicks gets that. So they called up their friends at Goorin Bros., Rancourt & Co., Red Wing (and... a bunch of other friends) and created this thing.

Show up early on Saturday. Say, 11am. Walk around. Grab a margherita pie from the Del Popolo truck parked in the alley. Maybe a beer. Definitely a martini. It’s Saturday, do what you need to do.

Just don’t forget that you also need to stop by and exchange salutations with the Taylor Stitch guys. Throw on a chambray button-down and an oxford blazer. Picture yourself on a rooftop wearing sunglasses and drinking gin. Think about doing a twirl, but don’t.

And look over there. It’s Kyle Rancourt visiting from Maine. Maybe you don’t know who the hell he is. No worries. You should still go say hi. He’s probably got some Mohave suede chukkas for you. Should round out that rooftop getup nicely.

Plus, hey, new friend.


Northern Grade
at 111 Minna Gallery
111 Minna St
(at 2nd)
San Francisco, CA, 94105

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