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It’s Called Juno. It’s Got Sushi.

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You love a good comeback story.

So we’re about to give you two.

Oh, and they come with sashimi and sake.

Behold: Juno, which reunites you with not one but two Chicago dining veterans—chef B.K. Park (Arami) and restaurateur Jason Chan (Urban Union)—opening Friday in Lincoln Park.

You know these guys. You respect them. You always thought they should work together. And now they are. Your thoughts are good like that.

When you walk in, you’ll assume you’ve found a cozy little sushi joint. Murals of a geisha with an electric guitar grace the walls, and there’s some pretty sage, no-excuses-style advice on a chalkboard: e.g., “If you don’t like your job, quit” and “If you don’t have enough time, stop watching TV.”

You may just stay here for the night. Drink a Sakura Old Fashioned, do a few oyster shooters, eat a little smoked kampachi.

Or... you could head to the back. Not only will you find a giant sushi bar, but Park will be throwing down at a private omakase chef’s table. Think of it as a restaurant-within-a-restaurant where you and seven of your friends can kick back and just let the chef titillate you with anything he feels like.

Spoiler alert: it’ll probably involve sushi.


2638 N Lincoln Ave
(between Wrightwood and Diversey)
Chicago, IL, 60614


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