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After the old Caffe Graffiti closed in the North End, you assumed the space would be filled with just another blasé Italian-whatever spot. So now that Bread + Butter has opened, devoid of status quo Italy-favoring tendencies, we thought you should know a few things about it. Three, actually.

It begs to be loitered in...
... thanks to judicious use of high-gloss white and yellow paint and collapsing open windows overlooking the Greenway. Translation: anticipate a few lazy hours here at one of the reclaimed-fir-wood tables with a double espresso and the Sunday paper.

Your snacks have pedigree.
Local pastry goddess Lee Napoli (Icarus, Chocolee) is the carb-friendly mastermind behind everything from the bread for your duck confit sandwiches to the croissants and chocolate beignets. Oh, and the coffee comes from George Howell, who you may recall is the java visionary Starbucks had to buy out just to move into town a few decades back (think: Coffee Connection).

Why, yes, that would be a great patio spot.
In a week or two, you’ll have a 40-seat patio right out front to look upon the throngs of Freedom Trail walkers pushing by. (Don’t be surprised if they leer at your cappuccino-and-tart combo.) Bonus: great views of the Zakim Bridge in the distance.

Never can have too much bridge.


Bread + Butter
64 Cross St
Boston, MA, 02113


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