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A New Wine Bar near Wrigley

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The run-up to Memorial Day is a magical time.

The barbecues. The offices letting out early. The wine bars serving lots of great whiskey...

Meet The Twisted Vine, a charming new wine bar that doesn’t feel the need to limit itself to just vino, now open in Lakeview. 

Right away, you’ll know it’s a good little date spot. It’s got the essentials: wine, shimmery crystal chandeliers and some nice leather lounge furniture. Also, it’s within walking distance to Wrigley Field, so we suppose it’s a good place to pop the cork on a bottle of brut rosé champagne before taking in a night game. (It’s so hard to get the brut rosé vendor’s attention at the park.)

Anyway, they’ve got a bunch of well-selected, approachable wines from Bordeaux to Sonoma. There’s nothing here that’s too big of a commitment, but if you want a big bottle of Cristal, just ask. They’ll hook you up.

But say you’re looking for something with a little more kick. Flip your menu over and peruse a list of 30 different whiskeys. And if you want something cocktail-ish, there’s a list of Negronis, martinis and Sazeracs standing by.

Your summer may now begin.


The Twisted Vine
3530 N Halsted St
(at Cornelia)
Chicago, IL, 60654


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