Rooftop @ Revere

The Rooftop Is Coming

Cocktails and Shrimp atop the Revere

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Rooftops have two choices.

Be a barren wasteland of protective tar, nondescript heating vents and stagnant pools of scary water... or make something of themselves.

Like become a doctor. Or, since that’s not possible, a really cool roof deck.

Opting for the latter: Rooftop @ Revere, the hotel’s new well-cabana’d party plateau next to their existing heated pool, opening this Sunday.

At first, this is going to be an afternoon spot for you. It’s open to non-guests after 4pm every day through June. So after you and your office crew pile into an elevator and stream down the chalkboard-lined hallway, you’ll have plenty of faux-wicker couches to occupy while drinking in the almost-360-degree views. Well, that and pitchers of Gin Gin Mule (gin, lime juice, housemade ginger beer).

But starting in July, non-guests can show up as early as 11am, so you’ll really be able to embrace the whole remote-workday thing. Start by reserving one of the wi-fi-enabled cabanas, with speakers built into the corners and room to overdose on shrimp bathed in wasabi and a cocktail sauce made with Bully Boy rum.

If a few trusted subordinates plan on joining you for the afternoon, go for a double cabana.

Call it the conference room.

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