May the Force Be with You

Before You Buy Air Force One...

It’s true: a DC-9 aircraft previously referred to as Air Force One is currently up for auction. And knowing your love of flying presidential suites, we thought it only prudent to numerically break down the facts of the Air Force One Government Auction before you place any bids. Or start commissioning a runway.

Starting bid: $50,000
Days remaining to make an offer: 13
Days you’d probably regret it if you didn’t make an offer: the rest of them
Year this plane went into service: 1975
Hours of flight time needed for your private pilot license: 40
Friends’ cookouts you should randomly land this at unannounced: 1 or 2
Seats in the VIP cabin: 10
Seats in the main cabin: 32
Number of seats that you probably don’t really care about: 32
Pull-out couches in the meeting room: 1
Approximate number of people on earth impressed by pull-out couches: 23
F-22 Raptor security escorts included: 0
Paved runways in the US where you can land this: 5,194, give or take
People who would probably be convinced you’re the president in this thing: 4
Odds of you playing “Air Force Ones” over the PA: 1:1
Former presidents who’ve already done that: surely at least 3


Air Force One Government Auction

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