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Volcanoes. Helicopters. Bears. Siberia.

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Your next stop: Siberia.

Hey... don’t run off like that.

We haven’t even arrived at the part where you helicopter into an active volcano yet.

Or the part with the bears.

So get all wide-eyed for Kamchatka Critters and Craters, a weeklong jaunt through the farthest end of the Far East involving helicopters, armed ranger guides and the occasional volcano-powered soaking tub, taking reservations now for June.

Yes, you’re headed to Siberia. But not that frozen-over hellscape you remember from Rocky IV. No, this place is more like a real-life Lord of the Rings pilgrimage, but instead of trekking over hill and dale with one giant volcano looming in the distance, there are about 160.

Your missions here: numerous. Helicopter into a volcano caldera; take a 6x6 off-road tour of another volcano (and then climb it); escort a private chef on a fishing voyage and then watch him cook your bounty. Your bonus mission: vodka quality control.

But before all that, get familiar with your headquarters: a modest little encampment with a private, magma-heated pool, where you’ll return after your bear-tracking expedition. Yes, you’ll be heading into the wilderness with an armed ranger to witness 1,400-pound Kamchatka brown bears salmon fishing in their natural habitat.

Maybe don’t wear salmon-colored pants that day. 

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