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Three Things to Know About Chandler Studios

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We subscribe to the idea that it’s better to know somewhere to conduct impulsive romantic affairs and not need it... than the other way around. Thus, here are three things to know about Chandler Studios, the recently opened boutique hotel in the South End. Use as you will.

Nobody will be around.
To get in the building, open the gate to the small parking lot out back, or simply enter your room—it’s all keypad entry. There’s nobody to check in with. Just you, [REDACTED] and the ability to reserve by the day, week or month. Yes, they have kitchens.

You’ve got options.
Suite 43 is a one-bedroom. Suite 41 is a French-windowed studio. Eleven is not only equipped with a marble-lined shower for a good three to four people (you know, “friends”), it’s also the only suite on the ground floor. Like the others, it’s lined with leather couches, washable wallpaper (#spills) and 1960s-era photographs of the T. Unlike the others, it has a cloak-and-dagger-appropriate private back entrance...

Name it. They’ll get it.
Thanks to a 24-hour concierge service, they will entertain and execute any task you present them with. Dinner delivered from Tremont Street. An in-room massage. A gallon tub of whipped cream. Text them, and they’ll get on it.

An alibi is probably stretching it, yeah.


Chandler Studios
54 Berkeley St
Boston, MA, 02116


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