Office to Octagon

The Office

Watching CPAs and Lawyers Brawl

None Accountants.

You know a few. Good people. Excellent with a W-2 form.

Yet you’ve always had an inexplicable desire to see a couple of them fight each other. In a cage.

But only for charity, of course.

Tape up your hands for Office to Octagon, a one-night, full-tilt exhibition pitting non-brawlers-by-trade against one another in full MMA splendor. Tickets are on sale now.

Ding-ding: a few weeks from now, after you’ve procured some tickets, you’ll show up on fight night at Space 57 at the Revere Hotel. First, you’ll hit the open bar for about an hour before the bell. Next, you’ll watch as 18 to 20 lawyers, accountants, finance guys and real estate brokers employ all the arm bars, elbow strikes and flying knee kicks in their arsenal to pound each other senseless. Then, you’ll mutter something like “Doesn’t look that hard.”

Of course, if you opt for the VIP route, you’ll not only get one of the 10 high-top tables at ringside for Kobe beef sliders and chicken kebabs while viewing the matches. You’ll also finish the evening at Nix’s Mate in the Financial District at the after-party.

Just like in the original ending to Bloodsport.


Office to Octagon
at Space 57 at the Revere Hotel
200 Stuart St
Boston, MA, 02116

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