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A New Haberdashing Funhouse on Valencia

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What we’re about to tell you involves a photo studio.

And beer.

And blow-up lizards.

And reversible smoking jackets.

And, most importantly, what your body has to do with them...

Hint: it’s Betabrand, a once online-only haberdashing depot that’s been gloriously repurposed into a quirky brick-and-mortar outfit on Valencia, now open for all your American-flag-shorting, seersucker-panting and impromptu-modeling needs.

It’s like The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test meets your eccentric uncle’s closet in here—concrete floors, wood-slat walls, racks full of pinstripe sweat-blazers and disco pants (yes, those are disco balls in pants form). It’s all quite miraculous, really.

Walk in there. Scan the room. Don a seersucker hoodie and some red Sons of Britches pants. Then, find the photo studio. It’ll be up front by the window. Yeah, right over there next to the couch that looks like a disco ball. Go ahead and step inside.

Then grab a prop or two. Inflatable whale: sure. Disco dog: don’t mind if you do (also, you’re detecting a theme here). Next, pick a backdrop like a fireplace or an igloo, and say “cheese.”

Meanwhile, back above the cash register, the picture you just took is being projected on a big wall for all to see.

You had a good run, mirrors.


780 Valencia St
(at 19th)
San Francisco, CA, 94110


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