Driz, Kid

The First Alcohol-Delivery App in Boston

None You’ve got a lot of wishes. And today, one shall be fulfilled.

No, not the one where someone makes a pizza-bagel-flavored cereal.

The other one.

Open the door and say hello to Drizly, a Boston-based app for getting honest-to-goodness alcohol delivered to your place in the city proper, available now for iPhone.

Yes, this is legal (we checked). The developers partnered with an ID-investigation company so that, upon arrival, the delivery driver will run a forensic check on your license involving UV light and barcode scanning, age confirmation and, you know, looking at your picture (if they question you, just explain you’ve been working out).

So let’s say you have a dinner party, and you want to ensure you don’t run out of hooch. You’ll start by downloading the app. Enter your address to confirm you’re in their delivery area and your credit card info. Then, begin shopping. With the exception of kegs, you can get delivered within 30 to 60 minutes anything you would normally pick up at, say, Gordon’s in Watertown (whom they work with).

About that delivery: your inaugural one comes in a special wood crate, along with your mishmash of libations and a key chain. Oh, and a mason jar.

In case you’re drinking with Grandma.

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